This just in: Endorsements from the Dane Democrats and Madison Professional Police Officers Association and The Wisconsin State Journal editorial board.

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Zachary Henak

Honest, Transparent, Responsive

We live in a caring city full of opportunity and people who want to help each other. There are big things happening in our community - a new school based food pantry being developed at Cherokee Heights Middle School and local grocery store has opened near Allied Drive (Lunas Grocery). Multiple parks are being reconstructed and reimagined-Doncaster, Segoe, William and Odana Dog Park. These are community based projects with significant input. As your alder I will work hard to make your initiatives find the direction and support they need to become reality.

I believe that you can learn the most about a candidate when he is not campaigning, and the picture of Zachary Henak, person, comes into focus as I walk around our neighborhood. I repeatedly cross paths with him at our school, our church, and at the park. The first time I crossed paths with Zachary he was leading a group of dads at Westmoreland Park. I later recognized this kind neighbor when I discovered him reaffixing some broken woodwork to the walls of our church, his 1-year-old happily chattering away in the Baby Bjorn the entire time Dad was working. He is a person who puts family first in all things. Every time I sign in to volunteer at Thoreau Elementary, Zachary’s name is already at the top of the list. He knows the school crossing guards at every corner by name. He was fundraising for a neighborhood park long before he announced his alder candidacy. He is always, always helping someone. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and I know I want Zachary Henak in my village.

— Kristina Stadler- District 10 Resident-Midvale Community Lutheran Church-Member
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I am not afraid of the heavy lifting

Community Achievement Highlights

-Elected to the Crawford Marlborough Nakoma Neighborhood Association (CMNNA) Board-2017

-Elected CMNNA Board Treasurer-2018

-Elected Co-President of the Nakoma League -2018

-Led Madison Dads Group from infancy to an established organization today of almost 300 involved fathers

-Led fundraising efforts to secure $7500 for increased play opportunities in the rebuilding of Doncaster Park

-Managed 2 community surveys with unprecedented levels of response

I have known Zachary Henak for a number of years. During this time I have attended a number of functions, traveled with, spent time together with our families, and worked on a number of projects in community building, home improvement, and personal development. Because of this, I can say that Zachary is one of the hardest working and honest individuals that I have ever met. He is not afraid to voice his opinion while being respectful, level headed, and understanding even under pressure or in a stressful situation. When it comes to needing a hand with something, Zachary will offer his help without being asked and stay until whatever needs to be done is done, even in a pinch. I can count on Zachary and trust his judgement when it comes to my family, my business, and every other area of my personal and/or professional life.
— Eric Jacobs -Madison Dads Group-Madison Small Business Owner

Important District 10 Organizations-If you would like your community organization’s logo here and do not see it please email me your logo and a brief description about what you do for the community. Click on the photo to be directed to the organization’s website.

Zachary Henak is energetic and hardworking. He has actively learned about city agencies, the City Council, and the back stories to current issues as he seeks election for Alder in District 10. This is who he is and it makes him a creditable candidate which will carry over when he is elected to the Council.
He is passionate, tech savvy, and conscientious. I am confident that he will keep District 10 residents informed in a timely way on the issues that come before the City Council.

View the video of the March 4 District 10 Aldermanic Forum at to learn more.
— Mary Odell -Retired Civics Teacher-President/Founder CMNNA
As co-president of the Nakoma League, Zachary has been involved in all aspects of the League accepting his responsibilities with energy, commitment and a very positive attitude. Working with Zachary has been an inspiring and enjoyable experience.
— Carolyn Casey -District 10 Resident-Co-president, Nakoma League

Out In The Community

The month of March I am working to visit as many of you in the district as possible. Here I will post where I have been walking. Please let me know if I missed you.

I serve with Zachary on the CMNNA Board, and find him to be extraordinarily purposeful and clear-minded. He has undertaken projects with intense energy and focus, organized the people of our neighborhood in seeking and achieving improvements in areas such as the safety of streets and sidewalks, and increased civic engagement overall.  He brings technological expertise and a forceful sense of purpose to bear, in the service of greater communications and community action toward common goals.
— Patricia Stinger-Freres-District 10 Resident-CMNNA Board Member

Links to Q&A responses as well as video footage from Aldermanic Forums

Zachary is conscientious, thoughtful, and thorough. Since becoming a resident of Madison, Zachary has focused on building inclusive communities, creating nurturing spaces that promote healthy families, and providing forums for people to openly share ideas.
— Justin Trewartha-Madison Dads Group Leader

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